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I'm not dead, despite the announcement in my discord server 2 days ago would say (which if you're not in it you should by clicking here).

A lot has happened, lost a lot of friends, learned I have MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), nearly killed myself one too many times, and overall just shitty life quality.

But uh, I'm still here, still alive, and I don't intend to go anywhere.

Shout outs to my homies like Geo, Raiun, Darkshreaders, Cyberdevil, and a bunch of y'all for sticking with me as I slowly descended into madness and a fucking asshole. You guys are great friends and I'm lucky to have you all.

Anyways, I'd also like to announce Friday Night Funkin': Many Faces All in One.

An FNF mod that's dedicated to going against all the different portrayals I've had of myself, from now all the way back to 2015 when I first started my online presence truly. This is purely for fun and as a way to self-reflect and also vent about shit that's happened throughout this near decade of my online existence.

It's been a blast, and I love the very small community I have, it's nice.

Stay safe out there.

-Sincerely, Winkwing


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Added to bosses for Cathode Raybots Jul 21, 2021.


Added to faces for Cathode Raybots Jul 21, 2021.

Traveler Steve

Added to skins for Skincraft Dec 14, 2020.

Doctor Doofus

Added to songs for Punk-o-matic 2 Nov 18, 2020.

Evil Spood

Added to bosses for Cathode Raybots Nov 18, 2020.

Evil Spoooder

Added to faces for Cathode Raybots Nov 18, 2020.


Freelancer Pixel artist & Voice Actor

Got nothing to do really, so I've decided to look for those in need of help!

I'm willing to help out those in need, with both my voice and pixel art!

Currently, I'm willing to do it for free due to not having really any way of receiving payments, plus there's also the fact I really am not in need of money at all right now.

I'm willing to do sprite sheets for characters or objects in these styles:

4 Colors
8 Colors
16 Colors
24 Colors
Pretty much anything lol

I'm willing to do GIFs, PNGs, or JPEGs, which ever one you need.

I'm also willing to do voice acting for free, albeit with not the best microphone I 100% for sure would not expect any payment, though I am eventually planning to get a better mic. I am still able to change my voice almost at will.

If you'd like to contact me, either PM me on NG or hit me on discord.